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Calling All GED Grads…

  • Click the button below to get in touch with Beth Boggs – the GED Contact at Mountain Empire Community College
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DARS in a Click

  • Click the button below to get in touch with someone at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.
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VEC in a Click

  • Click the button below to get in touch with someone at the Virginia Employment Commission
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DBVI in a Click

  • Click the button below to get in touch with someone at the Virginia Department for Blind and Vision Impaired.
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WIOA in a Click

  • Click the button below to get in touch with someone at the Workforce Investment Area.
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Great Expectations in a Click

  • Click the button below to get in touch with MECC Great Expectations if you are a current or former foster care participant.

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Guide in a Click

  • Click below to view the 27 page guide to helpful services compiled by Family Crisis Support Services, Inc.

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Virginia Elevate

  • The new Elevate Virginia website offers many helpful resources to job seekers, employers, and workforce professionals. Currently, The Virginia Workforce Connection system is still used for online job seekers and workforce services.Click here for more information.

Comcast Internet Essentials

  • In Lee and Wise Counties, or where Comcast has service, our learners may be eligible for reduced priced Internet and discounted computers. Click here for more information and to check for eligibility.

Top 18 FREE Websites for Workforce and GED® Test Prep

  • Farrell Ink compiled a list of the top 18 website resources for Workforce and GED® Test Prep: Click below to view these resources.
  • View Top Free Resources

Career Ready

  • Virginia Education Wizard
    Let the Wizard help you choose a career, find the college that is right for you, pay for college, transfer from a community college to a university, and get answers to your questions about your future.

  • CareerReady 101
    Click here to access Career Ready 101, which is a free resource to our students. If you are enrolled as our student, contact your teacher for instructions.

  • Employability Skills
    Click here to about Employability Skills, which are necessary for success in the labor market at all employment levels and in all sectors.

College Ready

  • College for Adults
    This website will help you with career planning, college selection and the application process. They will also suggest ways to find money to pay for college, and direct you to resources to help you prepare for college-level work.
  • FAFSA Information
    For all the information needed to apply for financial aid.
  • Student Financial Aid Toolkit
    The Financial Aid Toolkit provides federal student aid information and outreach tools for counselors, college access professionals, nonprofit mentors, and others.
  • VPT Preparation
    Created by Northern Virginia Community College, this resource prepares adults for the VPT tests.
  • Virginia Placement Test Instructions
    Instructions for registering and completing the VPT Practice Tests in Math and English.
  • Virginia Placement Test Mathsite
    Built by the Virginia Community College System, the site will assist learners in preparing for the Virginia Placement Test in math.

Vocational and Trade Programs

  • Accredited Schools Online Vocational Trade School
    Vocational and trade schools vary in the types of education and training offered. To find the school near you that best fits your specific educational and career needs, use the search tool from this link.
  • Accredited Schools Online Vocational Trade School – Financial Aid
    There are many ways to fund school, and not just loans that will have to be paid off later. A lot of scholarships and grants are out there. Some are specifically targeted to vocational students; others are open to many kinds of students, including vocational students. To learn about scholarships and grants you may qualify for, there is a useful list found at this link.

Online Colleges

  • Accredited Schools Online – Online College Search Tool
    This search tool is designed to help simplify the process of comparing online colleges and programs. Users can evaluate distance learning options based on important factors such as enrollment, tuition, and academic program availability. Armed with this information, students can make an informed decision about which online university fits their personal, educational, and professional needs
  • Accredited Schools Online – Online College Financial Aid
    This invaluable guide outlines the various forms of student financial aid available to online learners. It includes a comprehensive overview of the application process, organizations offering financial assistance, and insightful interviews with financial aid experts. From loans to scholarships to veterans’ education programs, first-time and continuing online students will gain a deeper understanding of how they can cover the cost of a college education.