PluggedIn VA Electrical Helper Program

6 Ways PluggedIn Jumpstarts Your Career in Electricity

PluggedIn VA Electrical Helper Creates Pathways to Post-Secondary
Regional Adult Education is proud to partner with Mountain Empire
Community College (MECC), the Area One Workforce Investment Board and leading employers
to offer post-secondary education, training and certifications to local residents, both
with or without a high school diploma. Through our PluggedIn VA classes, we have
provided training to adult learners in Construction and Weatherization and in
Information Technology. This spring we are offering our first PluggedIn Electrical
Helper Program, designed to jump start our students on a career in electricity.

  1. Adults who lack a high school credential will work to complete their
    GED® during the 12-week program, providing a bridge to enrollment at a post-
    secondary institution.

  1. PluggedIn Electrical Helper non-credit hours earned during the
    program may be transferrable for 7 hours of Credit toward a Community College
    Associates Degree.

For additional information on programs and degrees at MECC, go to

PluggedIn VA Electrical Helper Creates Pathways to Employment.
Regional Adult Education is committed to providing a pathway for adult learners to
local occupations that have the greatest potential for employment. Projections for the
next 5 years list Construction Trades as one of the top 5 categories in Virginia for
net new job creation. As the regional and local economies continue to improve, more and
more employers are seeking workers with requisite skills to fill these in-demand jobs.
While such jobs may not require a 4 year degree, they do require post-secondary
training and certifications.

  1. NCCER Certifications as a key to obtaining employment.
    PluggedIn VA Electrical Helper Students will work toward Core and Electrical Level
    One NCCER Certifications. NCCER, a national organization of trade groups and major
    construction companies, has established industry standards and certifications based
    on demonstrated competencies in over 70 craft areas. When you
    successfully complete training, assessments and/or performance verifications as
    part of this program, NCCER’s National Registry records your completions and
    issues the appropriate credentials.
    It is these portable, industry-recognized
    credentials that many industry leaders in our region look for when making
    employment decisions.

For additional information on NCCER Certifications, go to

  1. Completion of GED ® as a key to Employment and/or
    Adults who lack a high school credential will
    work to complete their GED®
    , a minimum requirement
    of many employers and most apprenticeship programs, during the PluggedIn VA

  1. Registered Apprenticeships with employers. The Virginia
    Registered Apprenticeship Program is a training system that produces highly skilled
    workers to meet the demands of employers through a combination of on-the-job
    training and classroom instruction. Apprentices enjoy a higher quality of life,
    higher lifetime earnings and lifelong skills. As part of an apprenticeship program,
    an apprentice may

*Earn college credits and future degrees

*Earn a nationally recognized Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of an apprenticeship program, apprentices are
awarded a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is a portable credential that is
recognized nationally and, when appropriate, allows the candidate to qualify for the
licensing Examination. The 120 non-credit hours earned by students
enrolled in PluggedIn VA Electrical Helper may help offset the 144 hours of formal
instruction required by the apprenticeship program.

Some local Registered Apprenticeship
opportunities include

Joy Manufacturing in Duffield

The Virginia National Guard in Gate City (for Members of the Guard

Other custom opportunities may be available through the Virginia
Department of Labor and Industry, Abingdon Office

For additional information about the Virginia Registered Apprenticeship
Program and assistance in accessing industry apprenticeships, go to

  1. Students may acquire credit toward a Journeyman License in
    “Journeyman” is a valued license in the electrical
    industry that indicates completion of a Registered Apprenticeship and demonstration
    of advanced competencies. The Virginia Department of Occupational Regulation
    requires 4 years of experience with 240 hours of related formal instruction for a
    Journeyman Card. Without 240 hours of instruction, the years of required experience
    increases to 10! The 120 hours earned in PluggedIn Electrical Helper
    may count toward the 240 hour requirement.

For information about Journeyman designation and requirements, go to

Additional resources include:

(See p. 11)

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