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“I knew I wanted to go to college to achieve the life I had planned”.

And just last week, Elaina Glynn, a former GED graduate from Lee County, is one step closer to achieving her dreams. Elaina graduated from East Tennessee State University last week with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.

Elaina is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Often working two jobs WHILE being enrolled full-time as a college student, Elaina knew the value of gaining a degree. Elaina’s efforts did not go unnoticed; she was awarded several scholarships and was able go travel and speak on behalf of the RACE 1 program. “The opportunities that my GED has provided has helped me financially to pursue further education.”

Elaina said the most surprising thing about the GED program was the instructors. “They have kind, kind hearts and they truly want you to succeed.”

Elaina credits her education to not only helping her expand her mind and pursue a career she loves, but also in helping her give back and serve others. Through her academic career, she’s been able to participate in several medical missions and enjoys helping others with her talents.

Elaina, we are so proud of you, and excited to see where your career takes you!

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