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Today, we are featuring another of our wonderful educators! Meet Glenna McReynolds, a GED instructor for 19 years.

Glenna teaches morning classes at the Oxbow Center in St. Paul and team teaches evening classes at the Vandiver building in Coeburn. She is currently teaching in one of our online classroom sites too!

“I love situations when students struggle with some topic and with some teacher guidance, they get that, ‘Aha, I get it!’, moment. However, the greatest thrill for me is when an adult learner receives his or her GED diploma. The student’s excitement and appreciation make my efforts worth it all,” says Glenna.

Her advice to students? “I encourage current students to study consistently in our online programs, and I ask student prospects to take that first step and enroll in a class. Then, I ask them to believe in themselves—believe that they can pass the GED, and not give up when the task seems difficult because our teachers are always ready to help.”

We are so thankful for our caring instructors!

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