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In and out of the classroom, our team at Regional Adult and Career Education is here to support you on your journey to the GED! Meet Data Analyst, Bryan Smith. Bryan has served with RACE1 for around 8 years, supporting staff, teachers, and students through his expertise in technology, software engineering, and data analysis. Whether he is updating the RACE1 website, writing organizational progress reports, or maintaining computer systems, Bryan is responsible for many of the platforms and operations that keep RACE1 running! “I am trying my best to create internal processes, tools, training, and anything else I can in the background so that our teachers have everything they need to be as efficient as possible so that they can focus on what they do best, and that is teach and help our students,” says Bryan. Bryan believes that education is an essential tool for achieving personal and professional goals. “We are all adult learners at RACE1 and continue to better ourselves at every chance we get,” states Bryan. “It goes without saying that the transition to working from home due to COVID-19 has come with many challenges and learning opportunities along the way, we continue to work though many of those challenges to the betterment of ourselves as well as our students.” A fun fact about Bryan? He is currently teaching himself CAD design and has two 3D printers!