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“If you want to do it, or are thinking about doing it, take the chance”. That’s Tiffany Gibson’s advice to anyone considering getting their GED. Tiffany, a Rose Hill, Virginia native and a mom to 3 young children, recently enrolled in RACE1 to complete her GED. She’s made impressive gains in her first few weeks in the program.

It doesn’t come without its challenges, though, as Gibson says. “I have to find time to study when the kids are settled or taking a nap. I have to use my time wisely.” Tiffany wanted to go back and get her GED for a while, especially since most employers want you to have a GED or high school diploma. But because childcare was an issue, Tiffany didn’t think it would possible. Then, she heard about the RACE1 online program, available to students now during the pandemic. “When I heard I could do all of the studying online, I jumped at that chance”. Tiffany is excited about the idea of completing her GED and she knows her hard work and persistence will pay off big time!

Go Tiffany! We’re so excited to watch you reach your goals!

If you’d like to start your journey to the GED visit our website at www.myrace1.org or call 276-386-2433.